Wedding Film / Videography


Your Wedding, Your Film...

Unlike other wedding videographers or film makers out there who only deliver a highlight cut and give you their raw unedited footages when you ask for them. This is not right, especially when you've invested thousands of dollars into your wedding.  

We know our customers, so we always included full-length versions of your ceremony and reception shot using multiple camera angles. Yes, they are edited, not just raw footage! 

We also include drone footage on almost every wedding we shoot! So, do check with your venue for their policies on the use of a drone.

At Arch Visual Studio, aerial footage is included as a free bonus, so you don't pay extra for the amazing view from the sky! Our advanced drone is capable of delivering 4K UHD videos as well as slow motion in 1080p. Taking advanced of its ground-breaking vision positioning technology, it even flies indoors!

Imagine the possibilities.

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Our Approach to Wedding Film

"Getting Ready"

On a typical wedding day, we start as early as the bride gets her makeup.

We will shoot her gown, any hair pieces, the flowers and the bouquet.

It's a good idea to keep all rings at the bride's place.

After the her hair is done, bridesmaids will help the bride putting on her gown.

We also expect the bride's mom and dad's presence.

The bride writes a letter to the groom and reads while we capture this moment.

At the same time, another team will shoot at the groom's place as he dresses up.

"Gift Opening + Card Reading"


"First Look"

This is my personal favourite moment, but we understand wedding is an once-in-a-life-time experience.

The best way to re-live this moment is to shoot with multiple camera angles

but it's also important for us to not interrupt the couple's genuine experience.

This scene require two takes.

The first take is for the couple to enjoy the moment and we will be shooting as it happens.

The second take will be for some B-roll details and some aerial footage.


It's important for us to arrive early at the ceremony venue to setup tripods, sliders, lighting as well as audio.


We will be taking the position by the alter a little off centre to cover the bridal party walking down the aisle.

When we work in a team of two, a mobile chasing camera will be following the bride halfway through and exist.

Facing each other or facing the officiant is a big deal, because we will require access to the rear of the alter if facing the officiant.

Spacing maybe a challenge. So it's important to include us during your rehearsal.

We shot the entire ceremony with 2-4 camera angles depending on crew size so we can deliver a full version of it.

to be continued......


"Photo Sessions"

Video is about motion and fluidity. This is why we try not

to shoot video while photographers are doing their job.

So, do plan 15 minutes for your videographer for some good shots.


"Cocktail Hours"






Working with us

Amazing wedding films are a combination of carefully planned shots and the capture of candid emotions as it happens. Here are a few tips that will make it look best.

Getting the "first look" 

You have no reason to miss this once-in-a-life-time moment. We carefully plan the shot from multiple angles to record this moment with details and genuine emotions.

Good Audio Takes Efforts

Good audio recording is generally taken granted these days. However, weddings are not TV shows. You only get one chance to get it right.

Luckily, we know what it takes to get it right. Before the ceremony, we setup the groom and the officiant individually with wireless lavalier microphones for clear audio signals. The bride will share the groom's mic, so, let's stand a little bit closer to each other. 

We also work closely with your DJ to setup the audio at your reception. 

Getting away from your reception

Take a moment to enjoy the sunset and get some good shots. It's the most photogenic moments the mother nature has to offer. So, don't let it slip away. 

Picking the Music

Music renders emotion. Sending us the music well in advance to allow us listening to the music and plan shots accordingly. 

The Drone Shots

We all love drone shots. Do check with your venue well in advance so they don't disappoint you on the day.